Wedding Discos, DJ’s, MC’s, & Entertainers.

Getting Married is one of the most exciting events and biggest decisions you will ever make in your life, and hopefully you will only do it once.

Let me tell you not all suppliers are created equal, or do they really have your best interest’s at heart.

Do you really want to risk one of the biggest days in your life to the Nightclub DJ, The friend of the family, Or my favorite the backyard DJ that is cheep & sounds too good to be true…….

So now I’m going to ask you one extremely important question…


  • Seriously. Does He or She care enough to meet with you personally before you Book?
  • Do they care enough to sit down and discuss one on one all the aspects of your event?
  • Do they care enough to take the time to personalize your entertainment to you personally?
  • Do they care enough to listen to your thoughts and ideas and offer advise or suggestions to make your night exactly as it should be for you?

And the list go’s on and on… Scary isn’t it.

I CARE!!!!

  • I will meet with you personally.
  • I will sit down with you and your partner.
  • I will listen to your thoughts for your event.
  • I will give advise, suggestions & idea’s if needed for your event.
  • I will show you exactly what your are getting as you will choose it with me.
  • You will see how i will be dressed on your wedding day in our first meeting.
  • And most important I will customize & personalize your event to your requests, wishes & you will see everything as we choose it together.